Japanese traditional culture 


My name is TAKUMA(@TAKUMA43330075)!

There are various traditional buildings and culture cultivated there in Japan. This building in my neighborhood is a shrine visited by 3 million people a year.

The name of this shrine is called “Yudoku Inari shrine”.

This shrine is one of the three most famous shrines in Japan. It was made in 1687. In Kyushu of Japan, it will be the famous shrine next to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine.

Moreover, the maid company in the precincts is designated as an important cultural asset in Saga Prefecture, and it has high value such as wood carving technique.

It is the entrance of the shrine. It is unusual in Asia, but it is the decoration of a mural.

It is not uncommon in Japan that there are several gates.

It is a stone statue of a dog which is the guardian deity of the shrine.

In Japan, there is a custom to write a wish on a board and paste it. Every year, I visit many people to write wishes.

Japanese people visit this shrine every year to visit. I wish a wish that the new year will be a good year. It is said that a wish will come true if you make a wish here. This is also one of the Japanese culture.

When you came to Japan, please try visiting sightseeing by all means. I am waiting.




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